Click on the triangle below and listen to a sound sample of Galerdo audio feedback

Simply listen to the electronic coach on your head! Just focus on the pace, no need to view a watch or count sheep for laps.

Great! Voice assistant keeps me informed of my instant progress. It’s much more convenient than silent trackers or wrist watches.

The first of its kind, the Galerdo has built in both workout tracker and music player.

I can listen to my favourite songs under water. It keeps me motivated, and I enjoy swimming even more! Perfect companion for relaxation in water.


Product name : Galerdo Beker Pro Audio Swim Tracker & Music Player

Voice assistance: Announces real-time distance & time

APP analysis : Speed, strokes, laps, calories

Compatible music formats : MP3, WAV, WMA, FLAC, AAC

Music selection modes : Order or shuffle

Memory capacity :8GB

Bluetooth : V4.2

Waterproof : IPX8

Size : 7.4cm (L) x 4.1 (W) x 1.8 (H)

Continuous play : 4-6 hours (depends on volume)

Charging time : 1 hour

Weight : 34g

Speaker : Ceramic piezoelectric speaker

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Wear Your Audio Electronic Coach on the Head, Swim with Voice Feedback

The Galerdo is a revolutionary audio swimming tracker with Artificial Intelligent and Bone-Conduction technology. It monitors your real-time swimming workout status and literally talks to you while swimming. Click the video to watch.

Revolutionary Design for Pool Swimmers
Tracks, Talks and Sings to You

Simply listen to the voice, you don’t have to count laps or view your wrist watch.


Record your real-time workout


Learn about your real-time progress


Play music to boost you underwater

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