Galerdo Beker Pro is the world's first headset free audio swimming tracker with real time AI voice assistance. It behaves like a friendly personal coach communicating to you under water. Talking to you with instant voice feedback based on artificial intelligence and bone conduction technologies. Information on swimming time and distance can be communicated to you in real time so you can improve your swimming skills quickly.

Galerdo Beker Pro was created by Jordan Huang and his team at Galerdo Inc., a professional audio company that specializes in developing the headset-free trackers for swimmers and runners based on artificial intelligence and bone conduction technology.


The Galerdo Beker Pro won the prestigious CES 2020 Innovation award for its innovation incorporating AI technology and bone-induction together.


As a laps swimmer, you enjoy swimming for strength, competition, and ultimately health.

Swimming, however can often easily become routine and boring because of the monotony, not to mention the silence.   


That's why we created the Galerdo™ Beker Pro. We love swimming ourselves and want more participants to enjoy the wonders of this exercise style.

Galerdo™ is our second product based on our bone conduction technology. Since our first product, the Beker Waterproof MP3 Player was successfully launched in 2016, many of our users kept asking us to bring headset-free design and Bone Conduction technology together not only for the swimming music player, but also for the swimming tracker.


Our customers were looking for a cutting edge alternative device that could be placed on the head to replace the traditional watches, trackers, and wristbands that are readily available in the market.

After 3 Years of intensive research & development, a revolutionary milestone is here: AI-enabled audio swimming tracker Galerdo™. Join us and swim differently!


Galerdo™ is designed as the world's first headset-free and true wireless swimming audio tracker with Instant AI Voice Assistant. 


Galerdo -- AI Audio Swimming Tracker

Unlike other devices with only silent tracking or only music playing, Galerdo™ creatively combines AI-enabled swim tracker and waterproof MP3 player together, playing voice feedback and musical sound in turns or at the same time, and has headset-free and true wireless features.

  • Built-in real-time tracker for swimming workouts.

  • Built-in real-time voice assistant based on Artificial Intelligence and Bone Conduction technology.

  • Built-in waterproof MP3 music player.

With the real-time motivation of voice feedback and music in the pool, you’ll be swimming more freely and motivated and, ultimately, train longer.


More than just a tracker, Galerdo™ works perfectly as a friendly and personal audio coach 

on your head under water. This increases motivation for your training and ultimately your swimming skills & endurance!

Train with Real-Time Progress Updates 


Galerdo™ comes with real-time AI Voice Assistant based on Artificial Intelligence and Bone Conduction technology.

The device tracks your swim progress and analyzes it based on our AI technology It also provides voice feedback on distance and time you swam in real time. Tracking swimming activities has never been so easy. Forget counting sheep or other distractions that are hampering your work out!

Built-in Artificial Intelligence


No need to connect to Internet, WAN or Bluetooth while swimming!

With the built-in swim-specific intelligent algorithm we've created, your real-time lap performance is seamlessly recorded, tracked and analyzed in the Galerdo™ device without delay.

Hear Your Favorite Songs


More than just a tracker, Galerdo™ can also play your favorite songs under water.

With this tracking, speaking and music-playing device, you’ll stay motivated and self-confident to swim longer, faster and better. You'll never feel bored or lonely in the pool again.


Galerdo™  Beker Pro was designed to have a natural shape like a cowry shell. It is also ultra lightweight enough that you can not only work out with it easily, but will also probably forget you are wearing it! The device will not influence your stroke or speed in water.

The device itself does not contain any straps, cords, wires, headsets, earphones or earbuds to bother your head and ears while swimming. Just put Galerdo™ under your swimming cap and swim. Enoy the tracker in the most comfortable, friendly and easy-to-use way!


The photos below show swimmers putting Galerdo™under their swim caps instead of clipping it with a goggle strap.  


Everyone’s ears are different, right? When you buy wired earbud-based trackers, you may worry whether your earbuds or earphones fit your ears. That's why sometimes you have to buy other earbuds to fit your ears but still feel ear pain or discomfort.   


Now, thanks to the cutting-edge bone conduction technology with earbuds-free and earphone-free features, Galerdo™ provides you with a super comfort guarantee for ears and inserts nothing into the ear canal.

  • Keeps your ear canal free

  • Fits all ear sizes

  • No need for extra accessories


Unlike swimming wristbands that detect your swimming strokes based on the wrist movement, Galerdo™ recognizes your swimming stroke based on the movement of the head, which guarantees a more accurate recognition of swimming strokes.   


No matter if you are swimming Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly or Backstroke, 

Galerdo™ can perfectly record your data. You can review the history of your swimming data stroke by stroke!


We have created the built-in AI algorithms instead of the clunky GPS hardware to measure the distance, because we aim to provide a lightweight autonomous device rather than a heavy and complex one on the head.

Thus Galerdo™ tracking function works perfectly in regular-shaped swimming pools (rectangle or square) and pool length of 17m~50m, but does not work in irregular swimming pools (such as round, heart-shaped, curved, triangle, polygonal, kidney-shaped, free-form, etc.) and open water swimming (rivers, lakes, ocean).


The Galerdo™ music function works perfectly in either pool or open water.


TheGalerdo™ App is free to download and use. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones. You will see your detailed data analysis and customize voice notification settings using our dedicated app.

Synchronizing Data to App

ust turn on Bluetooth to seamlessly connect to the Galerdo™ app:

  • Transfer the data of your swimming workouts from Galerdo™ device to Galerdo™ app.

  • Get the App update when available.


During your workouts under water, the Voice Assistant notifies you instantly about the distance and time you’ve swum.

After you finish swimming, proceed to synchronization with the App.  You can review a full and comprehensive summary of your swimming workouts by date, month and week.

List of the App data:

  • Total swimming distance & time 

  • Total kilocalories burned 

  • Number of laps 

  • Your swimming style 

  • Average stroke length 

  • Average stroke rate 

  • The number of strokes 

  • Average speed (SWOLF)

Burning Fat Faster 


After each swimming, just check your burned calories in the App and motivate yourself to keep swimming.

Automatic Interval Detection


It’s awesome for those swimmers who like workouts interrupted by breaks in the pool. The Galerdo™ can automatically detect whether you’re really swimming or just resting in the pool.

You don’t need to turn off Galerdo™ while you are resting, standing or leaning in the pool. The device automatically restarts when you resume swimming.

 Download Music Files to Device


The built-in Bluetooth V4.2 is designed to synchronize workout data and update the firmware only. You can’t wirelessly download or transmit music files from device to Galerdo™ . All music download to Galerdo™ must be connected with your computer or laptop using a USB cable. 

Units & Languages


Unit of measurement: meters

Regarding the yard unit system, we are pleased to announce that we are developing the application for it and will upload it in future free of charge.

You can customize your pool length and language in the App:

  • Length of pool: 17m ~ 50m

  • Languages of the App interface: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. 

  • Languages of the Voice Assistant: English and Chinese.